Solid Gold Profit Master Class

Mindset ~ Strategy ~ Action

Here's a question for you:

What's the vision you have for your business in the next 12 months? 

Will your success be by design or will your results be due to default? (the latter spells trouble)

Think about it, would you ever build a house by simply grabbing a hammer, nails and some wood? 

Or would you envision and design the home, create your master blueprint, your master plan and then approach building it with a solid foundation?

You can liken growing your business to building a house. You need the design, blueprint, plan and foundation in place to grow. Without them you are suseptable to the first big wind blowing you over. That woud be disastrous and there are many of winds of change in business.

Creating that plan means you need to also play with numbers.

If your a right brainer, numbers may not be your thing yet they are essential for a sustainable business. If you are a left brainer, you may get the numbers part but need to open up the creativity flood gates to expand your vision. Solid Gold Master Class engages both sides of the brain to create the Ultimate Solid Gold Success Plan.

Vincent Van Gogh said "I dream my painting, then I paint my dream". I want to help you paint the dream of your ultimate business success by helping you paint your solid gold profit plan.

In the business world, it takes a plan to succeed.  Without a solid plan, your profits will not be sustainable and you put you and your business at risk with the big, bad, scary IRS!

I invite you to let me guide you to create a solid gold, purpose based foundation so that you can hit your revenue targets time and time again. Let me help you gain the edge and accelerate your learning curve.

A plan that includes your vision, your signature system, your mindset of success, your financial plan, your marketing and sales plan and your productivity plan.

The Solid Gold Master Class arrives in your email inbox weekly with the webinar, mp3 recording link, the templates and worksheets for each class session
. This way you get to go through the program when it's convenient for you.

This is a LIFETIME Program! The audio recordings and worksheets are yours to download and use year after year after year to refresh your profit plan.

Investment Only $247 


3 Payments of $85

By the time you have finished this 8-week
intensive program you will have:

Listen to what others are saying about our programs:

  • Annette Pieper is an insightful, expert business coach who knows how to ask the 'tough' questions that all business owners must be able to answer if they are to succeed. While her style is relaxed and supportive, she is also a strong motivator! Annette helped me clarify my business goals, maintain focus, and most importantly, take action. If you want to move forward with your business, I highly recommend Annette Pieper --Beth Lawrence, Owner, Viva La Voice

  • Annette's program made it easy for me to figure out what wasn't working in my life and how to fix it. I am so grateful to Annette for teaching me this information. -Robyn Love, Los Angeles

  • This was the most amazing presentation by Annette. In the first 30 minutes I learned a very useful and valuable technique for change. -Marty Warner

  • Let me say that Annette Pieper is "The Expert" when it comes to cultivating the seeds of success. From the moment she started her program until she ended it, I was captivated. She was able to connect with the areas of my life that are incongruent with what I want to experience in my life. My life will be changed as I apply the information that she has to share. -Dr. Robin Ivey

  • Dear Annette, I write to you today to say unto you how much I have enjoyed your classes. You are adept at what you do with your formidable skills in marketing and sales and the useful concepts you shared. -Jay Spoles

  • Annette, you shared some great ideas on Paint Your Profits that I don't think most people are doing and should be. I can't wait to get the material you are sending us. -Diane Cunningham

  • Annette takes intimidation out of the process. She helped me to see I can create and maintain a successful business. I just have to be focused and well prepared. -Chris Bassett

  • Thank you Annette for Solid Gold Master Class. I am sooo pleased to be mentored by you.  A PLAN - one that I trust – has been a missing for me forever and up until now I've not found a resource or system that resonated for me at all. I remained in resistance. I welcome the homework and the manifestation of the CLEAR plan I complete in this process.
    Your speaking has been totally empowering to me. I am now engaged in actual action - instead of SHELF learning! -Holly Myers

Investment Only $247 


3 Payments of $85

Here's what you will get in the program:

Week One: You will define or refine your business vision, the ultimate reason that your business exists and define your business values which will provide the fuel to propel you forward

Week Two: Design your revenue producing strategies and the supportive steps to make them work for you.

Week Three: You will paint your profits on paper. Yes, you will be painting by numbers.
You will be the Artist of Your Profit Plan and I guarantee that when you see what's possible on paper, you will be so psyched that you can't wait to get down to business.

Week Four: Time to run your ideas through your energy or chakra system. This is a fun opportunity to learn the flow of ideas and what to do when they get stuck.
You will also learn to attract your perfect customer and team members..

Week Five: Divine and design your Signature System. This unique stystem will allow you to stand out from your competition and create the perfect flow in your business. If you are an author, speaker, coach or trainer you must have a signature system.

Week Six: Create your marketing plan. You need to know how you are going to bring people in the door.  It's all about spreading the word about your amazing business. We will work on marketing strategies that support your specific profit plan.

Week Seven: Enrolling people to purchase what you have offered through your marketing efforts, otherwise known as sales. This is where your profit plan comes to life. You will learn how to have enrolling conversations.

Week Eight: ACTION! It's time to put your plan into place with a produtivity schedule and action plan. You will learn tips and tools to create your success mindset and raise your confidence level so that you can make the profits that are worth of you

I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I personally guarantee that if you take this class, play full out with the exercises and the techniques in this course, you will feel that you have created a solid strategic plan to create your Ultimate Business and for the next year or your money back.

I am so excited about this program that I'll throw in a couple of bonuses. Would you like that?

This is a big one so here it goes: one on one private consultation with me! This is unbelievable... I'll meet with you one on one to help you fine tune your Solid Gold Profit strategy. And when I say "me" I mean "ME". You'll meet with ME and not a team member!!

$300 Value

Bonus Be The Miracle 4-Week Course to help you get your heart, mind and soul aligned for your business journey.

$997 Value

Let's look at this...
That's a total value of over $4800 

Investment Only $247


3 Payments of $85