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It is a well-known fact that short term goals are easier to attain than long term goals . It's like a sprint versus a marathon. A sprinter reaches the finish line sooner than a marathoner. Both are important.

In business and in life we must have long term goals or vision (marathon) and short term goals (sprint). Our short term goals lead us to our long term vision or goals. They also fill our journey full of accomplishments that continue to drive us forward and build our self-esteem. When we are not seeing results, we lose momentum, drive and passion.

Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and quarterly goals lead us to our marathon or long term goals. Having a short term goal is like a game we play with ourselves. In the game of goals, a sprint is what you need to collapse the timeframes to get more done in a shorter period of time. A marathon is the great lesson in persistence to stay the course. 

I want coach you through a game; a 90 day sprint to be precise so that you can get results right away. In this 90 day goal challenge, you will sprint toward the finish line of your most important goals. 

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The idea behind the program is to give you the knowledge, experience, resources and support to create a breakthrough with your goals over the next 90 days and to challenge you to play at a higher level and leave your excuses behind. How does that sound?

By the time you have finished this 90-day
intensive program you will have:

Listen to what others are saying about our programs:

  • Annette Pieper is an insightful, expert business coach who knows how to ask the 'tough' questions that all business owners must be able to answer if they are to succeed. While her style is relaxed and supportive, she is also a strong motivator! Annette helped me clarify my business goals, maintain focus, and most importantly, take action. If you want to move forward with your business, I highly recommend Annette Pieper --Beth Lawrence, Owner, Viva La Voice

  • Annette's program made it easy for me to figure out what wasn't working in my life and how to fix it. I am so grateful to Annette for teaching me this information. -Robyn Love, Los Angeles

  • This was the most amazing presentation by Annette. In the first 30 minutes I learned a very useful and valuable technique for change. -Marty Warner

  • Let me say that Annette Pieper is "The Expert" when it comes to cultivating the seeds of success. From the moment she started her program until she ended it, I was captivated. She was able to connect with the areas of my life that are incongruent with what I want to experience in my life. My life will be changed as I apply the information that she has to share. -Dr. Robin Ivey

  • Dear Annette, I write to you today to say unto you how much I have enjoyed your classes. You are adept at what you do with your formidable skills in marketing and sales and the useful concepts you shared. -Jay Spoles

  • Annette, you shared some great ideas on Paint Your Profits that I don't think most people are doing and should be. I can't wait to get the material you are sending us. -Diane Cunningham

  • Annette takes intimidation out of the process. She helped me to see I can create and maintain a successful business. I just have to be focused and well prepared. -Chris Bassett

  • Annette Pieper is really DELIVERING the GOODS in her "Paint Your Profits" Webinar Coaching program. You must get in line for this one as you will be so happy you did. Annette is really making us dig deep and reach higher to paint our profits. I'm loving this webinar  -Jane Herron

Murray WIB Special $97 

Here's what you will get in the program:

1 45-60 minute Training each week. You will set your goals, learn unique achievement strategies, discover and incorporate the 3 laws of performance, get rid of the crap that holds you back, manage that unsupportive nagging voice in your head, create the success mindset and much more. This is a self-paced program and the trainings will arrive via email each week.

3 Open Q&A Calls, one each month of the program. This open coaching forum could create the breakthrough that you are looking for.

That's a total of 15 coaching and training opportunities over the 90 days.

Private Facebook Group for sharing successes, challenges and learnings and creating a mastermind environment with others in the program. You may even find an accountablity partner there too.

Links to the recorded training and coaching calls and any worksheets I may have available for the  trainings. This is a lifetime program. All you do is download the recordings and trainings to your computer and it's yours for life to do over and over again.

Here's what you will learn in the program:

The weekly Trainings will offer you strategies and new ways of thinking to accelerate your results. You will receive training, strategies and breakthrough ideas. You will set your goals using my unique Soul Powered Goals Process, learn to think like Walt Disney, learn the 3 laws of performance to get you humming at greater capacity, learn how to manage the little voice in your head, clean up your environment to make room for goal achievement and increase your Success Bank Account. You will receive training to create the mindset and confidence needed to accelerate your results and become a high performer. And you don’t need to travel or buy a restaurant lunch to get the training so you save money.

You’ll get Q&A sessions to answer your most pressing questions in an open format. Even if you don’t have a question you can attend the call and hear what other people ask and get answers to which may spark a breakthrough for you.

An opportunity to collaborate, provide support, be supported and gain valuable ideas on the Facebook group with a group of experts in their own fields who are participating in the program all in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Learn about what fellow program members are doing which may also spark your imagination and open you to new ideas that you can implement to acheive your goals..

Need a Payment Plan: 2 Payments of $60

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Murray WIB Special $97 

I am so excited about this program that I'll throw in a couple of bonuses. Would you like that?

You'll get a coaching session with me to work on your goal plan and clear any blocks you may have blocking your results.

$300 Value

Secondly you'll receive my Stop Procrastinating Audio Program. This audio program will give you 7 steps to Stop Procrastinating and Start Winning!

$97 Value

Let's look at this...

    One-Training per week (45-60 minute training) for a total of 12 training session recordings
 ($1200 Value)         

    One- Open Q&A Call per month (45 minute open forum) for a total of 3 coaching forums  ($300 Value)

    Private Facebook Group for Sharing Successes, challenges and learning’s and creating a mastermind environment. (Invaluable)

    Links to the recorded Training and coaching calls and any worksheets I may have available for the trainings and bonuses ($997)

That's a total value of $2894 that I am practically giving away at $'s a no-brainer, yes? It just makes sense!

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Murray WIB Special $97 (expires March 15)