Master Your Mindset: Day 3

Know and understand your 5-6 core values: Most people do not know what their core values are. They may have an idea of what values are meaningful to them, but we all have 5-6 core values that we operate or want to operate by. Once you know your core values, never compromise them. Compromising your core values leads to energy drains. You may have many values that influence your life, but keep your core values to five or six. This is one of the first things that I work on with my coaching clients. It’s that important and it influences and affects everything that you do.


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She has guided me in identifying my ideal client, my primary focus, strategies to stay focused, pricing structures for my services, effective brochure-design, and advice for marketing.

She's a wealth of knowledge--when I've been unsure of what resources may be available, she has a volume of information at her fingertips and has led me in the direction that is right for me.

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