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Well, here we are again, ready to begin a new calendar year. Resolutions are on the minds of many. I believe that it is very important to set intentions and goals and resolve to make changes at the beginning of the … Continue reading

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Now that you have reviewed your accomplishments and released the stuck energy of the pasts 12 months, it’s time to begin painting the picture of what you want to create instead. In the process you are going to craft a … Continue reading

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How can we turn our limiting thoughts and words around to our benefit? How can we create something out of seemingly nothing (word or thought)? Many times I think the focus is more on tangible results (what we currently are … Continue reading

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Proclaim that which you wish to achieve: Begin Proclaiming out loud, what your desire is. Proclaim as if you already have it. Live out loud about it. A proclamation is strong, it sounds more like a law; “The Queen Proclaims…”. … Continue reading

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