Trapped? The Secret to Getting Unstuck Part 2

When I work with clients, many times a family member or friend has given them advice that has created a worse situation. That is why working with an expert in Success Coaching and Mentoring is mission critical to get unstuck and break loose from your trap.

The Expert Mentor can help you wade through both the external and internal voices and create the perfect environment for you to “Say YES to Success”. 

Remember, ALL successful people have coaches and mentors to assist them. Mentors assist you in gaining clarity, drowning out the voices that are not providing value and learning to trust your own instinct. Mentors also provide smart strategies and accountability to get you to where you want to go. The Experts are trained and have the experience to provide this valuable service.

In order to “Say YES to Success” you must overcome your fear of investing in yourself and your business. Investment = Commitment=Success!

I read an article a while back, the author said he has noticed there are 4 levels that people invest in the mentoring process (I’m paraphrasing):

  • The Toe Dipper: Toe Dippers want information but don’t necessarily want to pay for it. They dip their toe into free webinars and teleseminars, free downloads and articles but rarely financially invest in the mentoring process. This is lower level of commitment and it can show up in their results or lack thereof.
  • The Double Dipper: Double Dippers put both toes in the mentoring waters to invest in books and low cost audio programs and the caution is that many times it ends up on the shelf (shelf-help) without having done anything with them. They may read the books but never do the exercises in the book or they listen to the audio programs but bypass the exercises. Again, lower level investment and commitment; what are the results?
  • The Wader: Waders step into the mentoring waters with both feet through group mentoring programs, workshops and seminars. I love group mentoring programs/seminars AND you must show up for the program to get results. If you are committed and show up and do the work, you will be rewarded a higher level of success especially if you have access to the expert. Higher investment equals higher commitment which leads to greater results.
  • The Diver: Divers are ready to dive right into the mentoring waters through one on one mentoring with an expert. They are ready and willing to invest in their success no matter what. Nothing is going to stop them from bringing their Vision to Reality. This is the highest level of commitment and leads to the greatest results.

With each level of financial and time investment, your commitment level to your success jumps up. The higher the commitment, the higher the success rate. The lower the commitment…well, you can figure that one out. That seems to be the rule of thumb in the mentoring industry.

What level are you playing it? I invite you to explore your playing level with me and discover where you want to go from where you are now and how to get there.

Schedule a complementary Breakthrough Strategy Session with me and “Say YES to Success”! In this session you will walk away with greater clarity and a strategy or two that you can implement right away.

Of course I offer teleseminars, products, group programs and mentoring for all levels of commitment. There is no judgment on where you choose to participate. The fact that you are doing anything towards your success speaks volumes and I applaud and honor you all. You are way ahead of the pack.

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