Trapped? The Secret to Getting Unstuck

There is a television program on TLC Network called “Say YES to the Dress”. On this reality show, women go into an upscale bridal salon in New York or Atlanta with their entourage to find the perfect wedding dress for their Big Day.

As they try to find the perfect dress, they have to deal with their entourage’s opinions on whether or not is it the right dress for them. Most of their entourage is more interested in their own personal opinions than what is best for the Bride or what she truly wants. Many times this causes drama (which is why the reality show is easy to relate to).

Yes to the Dress2

For example mom or dad may want to see their “little princess” in a fairy tale ball gown when the Bride wants a sexy form fitting mermaid and the Maid of Honor wants to see her in tons of bling when the Bride really wants something simple. This leaves the Bride confused and she stops trusting her own intuition around what is perfect for her. (hang in there, I have a point, honest)

In the end, it is the EXPERT Consultants in the bridal shop that help the Bride overcome all of the many voices of different opinions confusing her, help her find her perfect dress, get the entourage in agreement  and get the Bride to “Say YES to the Dress”.                       (it’s a fun show to watch)

The same thing can happen in your business and your life. You are looking for that perfect fit to your vision of success, and you share your vision and challenges with those that you love and people in your circle of influence.

Suddenly you are deluged with everyone’s opinion of what you should do, what you shouldn’t or can’t do, what your vision should really look like and how you should move forward or backward.

This can cause your gut instinct and intuition to wobble and wane. You lose trust in yourself; second guess yourself and wonder if you are doing the right thing. Then confusion sets in because you have too many external voices competing with your many internal voices which can cause complete chaos or lack of movement.

Suddenly you’re trapped!!!

You feel STUCK!!!

Sound familiar? You are not alone.

What’s the secret to get un-trapped, or unstuck?

Stay tuned!!!

To be continued…


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