Winter Solstice Writing for Calling in the New Year

Now that you have reviewed your accomplishments and released the stuck energy of the pasts 12 months, it’s time to begin painting the picture of what you want to create instead.


In the process you are going to craft a vivid description of exactly what you want to create in your life in the next 12 months and beyond. You are going to do this for each important area of your life.

So the areas you are going to focus on are:

  • Financial
  • Career/Business
  • Relationships
  • Physical
  • Fun and Vacation
  • Spiritual

Let’s break each of these down some because what you are going to do is get really detailed.

  • Financial (how much money you want to make, have in savings, investments, retirement, trusts, etc.) What does that look like exactly
  • Career/Business (what you want to create over the next year, get a promotion, land your dream job, triple the revenue in your business, land a big client)
  • Relationships (includes spouse/partner, dating, children, work associates, friends and family, parents, pets, community, exes)
  • Physical (health and wellness, recreation, physical environment, stuff like cars, TV’s boats and such0
  • Fun and vacations (travel, staycations, movies, hobbies, skiing, summer fun, concerts, plays, etc.)
  • Spiritual (relationship with self, with higher power, with spiritual community, religious community, community service, tithing, rituals, etc.)

I free flow write mine and then type it into my computer as my planning process for the year and to create my life vision year after year.

Now this is quite a bit of work so first off, you want to create sacred space and set your intention.

If you do not have the time to design all of them at once, do one a day for a week. Put it in your schedule and spend an hour or two designing your life.

Get detailed and right down to the nitty gritty. Then your vision for the year will be laid out and you can begin to set some tangible goals to help you get there.

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