Winter Solstice Writing for Releasing the Past Year

Winter Solstice is a time when we experience the longest period of darkness and the shortest daylight hours before the rebirth of the sun as the daylight hours begin getting longer again on their way to Summer Solstice.

At Winter Solstice we are also closing out the past calendar year as we head toward the New Year. That is why this is a powerful time to do this ritual AND really, any time is a good time to do this writing exercise.

For Solstice Writing you want to:

  • Have your writing tools (I use my journal and I like to use a purple ink pen)
  • Clear your space and prepare for the process

080815 The Art Of Journaling


Ask yourself the following questions and journal them:

Looking back over the year:

  • What were my biggest successes over the past year?
  • What did I accomplish? What goals did I reach
  • Where and when did I experience the most love, joy, fun and happiness?
  • When during the year was I totally blissed out?
  • What were my biggest sources of inspiration?
  • What new people and environments did I bring into my life that add value or enrich my life?
  • Did anything else wonderful happen over the past year that is not listed before?

Always begin with what went right, what you accomplished, what was really good. It’s so easy to go right to what went wrong or didn’t happen especially if we have had a challenging or lousy year. If we focus on the crap first, then when we get to the good stuff we can’t see it because we have put ourselves in a low energy vibration. If we focus on the good stuff first, then when we get to the not-so-good stuff, we are in a higher vibration, can think more clearly and maybe all that not-so-good stuff doesn’t look so bad when we compare it to the good that happened to us over the year.

Once we have probed the good stuff and done our writing, we want to probe into what was not so great. Looking back over the year, journal the following questions and by the way, if you are not a writer, you can draw pictures in response to your question too but pen to paper works better than speaking them out loud. Writing is a kinesthetic activity that engages both the conscious and unconscious mind. So again, looking back, answer these questions:

  • What were the biggest challenges that I faced this past year?
  • What goals or dreams did I have for this past year that I did not manifest or that did not pan out and why?
  • What did I learn?
  • What does this say about me?
  • Where/when did I experience my lowest emotional points during the year?
  • Where did I feel like I just could not catch a break?
  • What situations, environments and/or people are draining me or holding me back?
  • What limiting beliefs do I have that are holding me back?
  • What behaviors or habits do I have that are holding me back?
  • What is the story that I keep telling as to why I don’t have what I want?
  • Am I ready to let this go and create a clean canvas to paint my future on and why am I ready?

Tomorrow on the blog will have the 2nd part of solstice writing.

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One Response to Winter Solstice Writing for Releasing the Past Year

  1. Sherri Bowthorp says:

    This is great, Annette! How you focus on starting with what is working well before you go face the challenges that need work.

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