So You Have A Great Idea, Now What?

Do you have an idea to grow your business or to start a business? Perhaps it’s an idea for a new product, a new system or a new approach to marketing. You know it’s a great idea, maybe even a million dollar idea and you’re stuck. You don’t know what to do next.

I see this time and time again and it has even happened to me. Years ago I had an idea for a book but I didn’t know what to do with it. Thoughts came to my mind such as how am I going to organize it, where would I find the time to write it, would anybody buy it, who would publish it, how would I sell it…basically my mind frick took over and stopped me cold in my tracks. It suddenly seemed overwhelming and that’s where I stopped until recently when I made the decision to take my idea into reality.

Here are some steps that I have learned over the years that I use to help my clients (and myself) move forward with an idea.

1. Get it written down in an idea book. Even if your idea is not feasible now you can develop it later or even sell it. It may even be a million dollar idea so get it down in your idea notebook so that
you do not lose the idea.

2. Chunk it down. If it seems too big or overwhelming, chunk or break it down into smaller steps. This is where our mind frick gets the best of us, when it seems overwhelming we have a tendency to put it aside.

3. Look at it sideways, backwards, up-side down…look at all the different sides and angles of your idea to see if it is feasible or what type of help you may need to get it off the ground.

4. Start talking about it, get support. Now you might be saying “but Annette, I don’t want to share, I don’t want anyone to steal my idea”. Yes it can be scary and there is always that potential. This is where a coach or advisor can really assist you. You can bounce you ideas off of them, get feedback and put together an action plan.

Your coach must be operating from the highest level of integrity. A great coach or advisor provides confidentiality and the highest level of integrity with their clients.

5. Get into action. Once you have created your action plan get moving. You can revise it as you need to and action is your best strategy.

Are you ready to get that idea growing now? It’s like planning a mountaineering expedition. It begins with an idea and before you know it you are on the top of the Mountain of Success, staking your claim on the summit and planting your victory flag.

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