Back to Basics: Create a Foundation for Your Money!


How many of you would like to have more money flow into your life this year?

How many of you feel that you have created the space and are prepared to receive more money into your life; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in your physical environment? 

We are all familiar with the Law of Attraction.  This law has really gone mainstream since the movie The Secret was released and its creator, Rhonda Byrnes appeared on Oprah.  I really like the movie The Secret and the principles that it emphasizes.  However, there is a principle or step that the movie doesn’t emphasize that I feel is critical in the process of creation and attraction and that is the principle of conscious action. 

While it is essential to change our mindset, thoughts and beliefs, it is equally important to take action based on that change and clear the way to receive what we desire and deserve.  It’s also important to realize that the way to manifest is fluid not stationary.  We’re involved in the process.

Today I would like to talk about creating a space in our physical environment to receive prosperity and I’d like to begin by asking you, what is the state of your current financial lifestyle? 

Do you have financial papers cluttering your desk or scattered around your filing system?  Do you have a filing system? Do you have stacks of unopened mail and paperwork that need attending to?  Do you shove your financial records in a box or the dreaded drawer and hope that organization will happen by osmosis?  Do you procrastinate when it comes to handling financial paperwork?

Money is simply not going to come into a chaotic environment!  The more chaotic your financial lifestyle, the less you will be able to attract money into your life.  As a rule of thumb if you have physical clutter, you have mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter as well.

Studies show that 90% of the population lives most of their lives where 85% is chaos and only 15% is orderly and organized.  This same 90% of the population is unhappy with the results that they are receiving.  They believe that there could be something more, but they don’t know how to achieve it. 

I teach a 3 step process to assist in bringing order to your financial lifestyle by organizing your Financial Filing System. It’s a system that I learned from Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker, when I was coaching for her.  I have modified it for you and I’d liked to briefly share that with you today.

Let’s begin with step One in this process, which is Gathering: To initiate this process you’re going to gather together all of your documents that represent incoming and outgoing money in your life.  Documents like credit card statements, bank statements, personal payables, cash expenses and pay check stubs. Also, investment portfolio, wills, insurance policies, financial planning documents, and all related legal documents such as deeds, social security information, birth certificates and such.

Step Two in the process is Sort and File:  In this step you will separate these documents into like kind.  To do this you will probably need to spread out across the floor or table and if you own your own business, you will want to do this for your business as well.  In one pile you will have your CC statements, in another cash expenses, in other words, sort and match.  Once they are sorted you will create labels and file the documents.  Be sure to supply yourself with what you need to complete this important project.

The final step is Document: You want to create a master list of the files in your cabinet.  You will list the type of file such as American Express Card, the account number, 888-444-000, and where it is located in the cabinet such as front half in top drawer or third file from front in top drawer.  Be as detailed as you feel you need to be.  Once you have your master list complete, make copies and place one in the front of the file cabinet, one with a trusted friend or family member and one in a safe deposit box. 

When you have completed this step, you will have your financial life sorted for your loved ones.  This way should something happen to you; your loved ones won’t be swimming through your chaos to find important paperwork.  None of us are going to get out of this life alive so think of this project as a labor of love for your family.

It is important to know that good record keeping is an essential part of building a foundation for sound financial management.  It’s an attractor factor.  As Loral Langemeier puts it, “Do Paperwork or be Poor”.

Your organized financial filing cabinet will provide a firm foundation to build your wealth upon.  Remember that money is not going to come into an environment where it is not wanted.  Therefore, I invite you to take an honest look at your financial lifestyle this week and see if you can bring it to a higher state of order. Show the Universe that you are truly ready to receive.

I want to conclude with a quote by Napoleon Hill, author of the book Think and Grow Rich.

“If you are one of those people who think that hard work and honesty alone will bring riches, perish the though!  It is not true.  Riches, when they come in huge quantities, are never the result of hard work.  Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck.”

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