Clean Sweep: Clearing the Way for Deliberate Creation

Spring has finally arrived in Utah after one of the wettest April on record and what seemed like forever winter. I generally begin my spring cleaning in March as the weather begins to warm and I can open the windows and haul stuff out to the lawn. Due to the weather I am getting a late start.
We associate spring cleaning with cleaning and clearing our physical space, yet there are other areas that we must consider as well.
Spring cleaning your body and lymphatic system is important to release stagnate energy and toxic build up in your body after the long winter. In winter we experience more darkness, we tend to eat heavier foods and we are less active.
Spring cleaning your mental body is critical in clearing the way for new growth and creation. Let go of beliefs, habits and behaviors that are no longer serving you.

How about an emotional cleaning? This is a big one for me this year. I have had a lot of emotional stuff on my plate. I am at the end and the beginning all at once as I complete my divorce after a 25 year relationship and I create new possibilities as a strong, single woman and mother. I have a teenager (there’s an emotional area as he tests me constantly) and a 20 year old who is finding his own wings and challenging me to let him fly. My mother has also had many health issues this year. Watching a parent age and go through health challenges also brings up some deep tribal emotions. What emotional situations need some clean up in your life?

Have you cleaned up your financial environment? In my last newsletter I wrote about how important it is to be clear and organized in the financial arena. Now that taxes are done, it is a perfect time to complete the organization.

As you do your spring cleaning, it is critical to know what you want to bring into your space as you clear old stuff out. If you are not clear and set a strong intention, you may just bring the same old stuff back in. It may be in a different package, but it will suck your energy just the same.
I have a challenge for you…a 28 day challenge. How would your life change in 28 days if you could get clear on what you want in your life and do a clean sweep to clear the way for it to show up? Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to create something new and different in your life?
Join me for the 28 day challenge beginning Wednesday, June 15th, 2011.

Get excited for spring is in the air and it’s time for you to grow. Watch your email for info on this Clean Sweep Challenge.

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