Blaze a New Trail: Be a Trend Setter

Every July 24th, Pioneer Day is celebrated in Utah as their state holiday. This is the day that marks the anniversary of the declaration “This is the place” by Mormon leader and Prophet, Brigham Young that the valley which is now known as Salt Lake City was the place for the Mormon Pioneers to settle after their long and challenging trek from Missouri to Utah. The Mormon Pioneers endured such incredible hardships to follow their beliefs and their hope in possibilities that we can’t even fathom what they experienced to follow their dreams.
Today we have so many resources available to us to help us follow our dreams and the beliefs that we have to make our dreams come true. However, it still takes a pioneering spirit to continue moving forward day after day through the challenges that we face on our own journey of success. As pioneers in this day and age, we have a choice to be a trail blazer or a follower. I want to talk to all of you trailblazers out there.
The world is in need of leaders now more than ever. We need business leaders to step out of their comfort zone; to step out of the known and not only become trail blazers but trend setters. We are in need of people to lead the way out of our current economy into a different and more empowered economy through their businesses and even the positions that they hold in their companies as employees.
That’s what the entrepreneur spirit is all about. It’s about blazing new trails, setting new trends and being global leaders. Are you doing what it takes to develop your leadership skills and lead the way to a brighter future for all?
There is a leadership skill set that I call my Magnetic Leadership© Skill Set. These are seven skills and characteristics that you can develop to become a magnetic leader and draw people to your message, your movement, and your trend and to blaze new trails into a successful future.
1. Listening: A great leader is a great listener
2. Intuition: Leaders follow their gut and the intuitive hits they receive
3. Communication: Leaders know how to communicate on all levels; energetic, body language, listening and verbally
4. Courage: Great leaders do as Susan Jeffs suggests; they feel the fear and do it anyway
5. Inspire: Leaders have the ability to inspire others to be their best
6. Vision: Great leaders can see the big picture as well as the small details
7. Future Pace: Leaders are able to step out into the future and lead others to the future vision.
Where are you at in the development of your leadership skills? I invite you to evaluate your skills and your ability to lead, be a trailblazer and a trend setter. What skills are strong? What skills do you need to develop and bring to a higher level? What resources or assistance to you need to bring them to a higher level?
You have the power to change your world and the world around you if you are willing to step up and lead. As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”. That’s the mark of a true leader!
If you need help in leadership development, be sure to fill out the form on the coaching page and someone on my team will connect with you to see how we can help. 

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