Confirmation from the Universe

Have you ever had an insight or idea and suddenly something shows up in your awareness that lets you know that perhaps you are on the right track? That happened to me just this past weekend.

I was in Lake Oswego, Oregon with my Mastermind group and we were working on my branding for my business and my new success system. After doing some intuitive work around what would be an authentic representation of the essence of me, my business and my system, we mind stormed some ideas that really resonated with everyone. I was experiencing some resistance, not sure if I wanted to shift my branding again even though the new ideas were sounding pretty cool and a lot more like me. I set an intention to release my resistance and be open to the new theme.

On Sunday morning, I left to drive back to Salt Lake and the first song that I heard on the radio was “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield and the lyrics went right along with the new branding ideas that we had come up with, the idea of being authentic with your core essence and opening up the dirty window (my limited thinking) to let the light from the sun illuminate the blank page (me). I thought that was pretty cool and got spirit bumps (goose bumps) letting me know that spirit was speaking to me.

Later that day after a long drive, I arrived at the lodge I was staying at in Bend, Oregon. I decided to unwind at the end of the evening and watch a little TV.  I turned on the TV and the first movie I turned to was “Remember the Titans”.  The part that was playing was when they were in the gym and they were singing about Soul Power. Again this went right along with the branding theme we had generated the day before. Then it came to the part where they introduced Ronnie (Sunshine) Bass. Sunshine was also key to the theme and then more about Soul Power. I had spirit bumps through the entire movie letting me know that I was on the right track.

In order to receive that confirmation from the Universe I needed to be open to the messages. I had to be an empty vessel for spirit to drop those hints into my awareness. That’s the power of intention and letting go of resistance.
Where in your life do you need to drop your resistance, your judgments and your limitations and become an open vessel for spirit to speak to you? How would your life and your business change if you allowed yourself to be in that space?
I invite you to take a chance. Set an intention to drop the resistance to the intuitive guidance that you are receiving and be open to the messages the Universe and Spirit have to offer you. If you do not see any benefit, you can always go back to resisting. You have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

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Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten

Remember the Titans movie clips:

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Working with Annette Pieper has been a positive and healing experience for me. I have enjoyed the Reiki work, the energy work and the Life Coaching. The Life Coaching enabled me to see my circumstances from an angle of perception that I couldn't see for myself. The Reiki and energy work enabled me to release negative energy that was stuck in my physical and astral (etheric) bodies. I believe Annette has worked in other incarnations as a medicine women/healer. Annette has put her heart and soul into this line of work, no smoke and mirrors, just integrity from start to end. I intend to follow up with Annette from time to time. I intend on referring friends and family to Annette who are stuck in their phase of evolution and could use a boost skyward, to the stars and beyond. It is a goal of mine to go to Myotherapy College of Massage and find my nitch in the alternative healing community. I only hope I can bring the same integrity and compassion to the table that Annette has with me. What a great teacher and friend.

Best Wishes, Dan Davis