Cultivate Inner Peace this Holiday Season

“Peace on Earth and goodwill toward men”.  Many times this statement doesn’t fit the holiday season as we hustle and bustle about, looking for the perfect gifts, dealing with the traffic and crowds and trying to make it to all of the holiday functions that we are invited to.  We can become concerned and stressed about money or about the calories that we are consuming. 

Many of us try to cram as much into the holiday season as we possibly can, leaving us sleep-deprived and irritable.  Sometimes the stress that we encounter is not our own, but someone else who is assaulting us with their stress and negativity.  These scenarios can be far from peaceful. 

As you go through the holiday season, take time to ground yourself and align with the higher purpose of the season with a meditation practice.  Taking just 5 minutes in the morning to be still and connect with your higher self can take the edge off of stressful situations and allow you to bring yourself back into the present moment when life feels out of kilter. 

Find a quiet space and sit with your spine aligned in an upright position, notice your breathing pattern and call on the energy of the Divine Spirit to bring you to a deep place within.  You can sit on a chair, lie on the floor, or sit on anything that will allow you to align your spine so your energy can freely flow through the chakras. 

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list and still yourself in the morning and again in the evening before bed.  A combination of meditation, affirmations and exercise each morning will allow you to present yourself to the world as the powerful gift that you are. An evening practice will allow you to let go of the day and prepare for slumber.  Also, remember that stress triggers emotional eating, especially sugar cravings and other fast acting carbohydrates, which are plentiful during the holidays.  This emotional eating combined with stress is a set-up for stomach upset, indigestion and heartburn, which in turn compounds the stress.  

Take time to build a meditation practice if you don’t have one already and let this season be the true blessing of peace, love and joy that it is meant to be.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me, let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be. –Jill Jackson Miller (Lyrics from “The Peace Song” or "Let There Be Peace On Earth")

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