Tap into the Transformative Power of June 2011!

Heliotrope is our crystal energy for June. It forms the connective link between the quartz families of jasper and chalcedony.  The color is green with flecks of red and yellow spots.  The name Heliotrope is Greek and means ‘solstice’ which is thought to refer to its healing powers.  Heliotrope is associated with the first, third and fourth chakras.  Heliotrope is a stone of courage.  It lends us courage so that we can hear the direction that our heart is calling us to and assists us in taking the first steps on our path as a spiritual warrior; one who follows the calling of their heart.  Heliotrope is a stone of dreamers and stimulates dream activity.

June is such a powerful month this year and it is definitely up-leveling the energy for transformation personally and globally. On June first we had a total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon. New Moons hold powerful creative energy as it is the beginning of the waxing cycle bringing the moon back to full light. To have it coincide with a Solar Eclipse is powerful. I am not an astrologist so I am unsure exactly what it all means and I am sure there are plenty of places to find information on the internet.

June 15th brought the full moon of Gemini (strawberry moon) along with a total Lunar Eclipse. Lunar eclipses are associated with heightened emotion and awareness. I spent 5 days alone hiking the desert of Southern Utah between the new moon/solar eclipse and the full moon/lunar eclipse and it was a powerful transformative experience for me as I released the past and claimed what I want to create in the future.

June 19th, we celebrated Father’s Day and the masculine energy. I spent the day remembering my wonderful father and missing him too as he passed 8 years ago. What great energy the day brings when we honor our fathers.

Summer begins today, June 21st with the Summer Solstice at 1:16pm EDT.  At the time of Summer Solstice the sun will be directly overhead at noon at the Tropic of Cancer in the Celestial Hemisphere (Winter Solstice takes place in the Tropic of Capricorn).  During Summer Solstice, the sun appears to stand still meaning its noontime elevation does not seem to change.  Solstice is Latin, ‘sol’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘sistere’ meaning ‘to cause to stand still’.  Summer Solstice is a time of light and fire. There are signs of solstice being celebrated and honored clear back to pre-historic Europe and there are many phenomena around the globe that have been built in honor of solstice such as Stonehenge.  It is the midway checkpoint of the year and the merry time between planting and harvesting.  It is the season of growing. 

July 1st we experience another eclipse, this time partial solar eclipse which brings powerful energy to end the first half of the calendar year and kick off the second half. It’s time to kick our dreams and results up a notch or two.

Another celebration that is at our doorsteps is Midsummer’s Eve (June 23rd) and Midsummer’s Day (June 24th).  Midsummer’s Day celebrates the feast of John the Baptist and represents the adaptation of another Christian celebration to the pagan festival of solstice.  It is celebrated in much of mainland Europe.  Midsummer’s Eve or Midsummer’s Night is a night of merry making; a time of joy and love.  There are many superstitions surrounding this celebration and the web is full of fun information about it.  Midsummer’s Day is a day for lovers and dreamers. 

Take some time this week to indulge in the bewitching magic of the summer celebrations.  Dream big!  No, dream huge!  Call on the energy of heliotrope for the courage to hear the direction that your heart is calling from.  Find some time this week sit still.   Grab a lawn chair or a blanket and sit outdoors, close your eyes and dream.  So often we limit ourselves in our dreams.  We tell ourselves that it is not possible for our dreams to come true, that they are not practical and therefore are impossible.  What is the biggest dream that you can dream?  Call on the creativity and imagination of your inner child.  Repeat this line as you start to dream “on the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere and the world will open its arms to me”.  Don’t allow anything to stand in the way of your dreams, even if they don’t seem sensible or practical.  Slay the dragons, the beasts, the evil witches and sorcerers that stand in your way.  Dream in true fairy tale style.  Bring in the Fairy Godmothers and Genies to assist you in making your dreams come true.  Add song and music, really have fun with it and do not sensor yourself.  Daydream an afternoon away.  The great achievers; the movers and shakers of the world dream big and seemingly impossible dreams and then find a way to make them happen.

"The world is full of zanies and fools who don’t believe in sensible rules and won’t believe what sensible people say…and because these daft and dewy-eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes…impossible?  Things are happening every day! " —Lyrics from Rodgers and Hammersteins’s musical, Cinderella

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Working with Annette Pieper has been a positive and healing experience for me. I have enjoyed the Reiki work, the energy work and the Life Coaching. The Life Coaching enabled me to see my circumstances from an angle of perception that I couldn't see for myself. The Reiki and energy work enabled me to release negative energy that was stuck in my physical and astral (etheric) bodies. I believe Annette has worked in other incarnations as a medicine women/healer. Annette has put her heart and soul into this line of work, no smoke and mirrors, just integrity from start to end. I intend to follow up with Annette from time to time. I intend on referring friends and family to Annette who are stuck in their phase of evolution and could use a boost skyward, to the stars and beyond. It is a goal of mine to go to Myotherapy College of Massage and find my nitch in the alternative healing community. I only hope I can bring the same integrity and compassion to the table that Annette has with me. What a great teacher and friend.

Best Wishes, Dan Davis