5 Ways to Create Your Own Economy

It’s so easy to get sucked into all the bad news about the economy. According to news reports we are suffering in the United States. We are considered to be in “The Great Recession”. In looking up the definitions for economic recession and economic depression, they really seemed pretty much the same thing. We are also being affected by global markets and we have really seen that play out in the stock market the past couple of weeks. All though it is good to stay abreast of what is happening in the economy, avoid getting caught up in it. There are ways that you can create your own economy. Here are five that are right at the top of my head.

1. Stop watching and reading the newspaper. You can get online and get just enough information to know what is going on without having to get all the sensationalism and hype that comes out in the news and the focus on the doom and gloom. The news can breed fear and negativity; two things that you want to avoid at all costs. They are energy drains for sure.
2. Be grateful for you current circumstances. Whether you are doing just fine financially and in your business, or you are experiences challenging times, gratitude is the best attitude. You are where you are based on past thinking, feelings and actions. Where you currently are is nothing more than a biofeedback mechanism. Your situation today is based on past thoughts, feelings and actions; where you will be in the future is based on thoughts, feelings and actions in the present. Now is the best time to change your thoughts, feelings and actions to get your future results. By focusing on gratitude, you move out of victim mode into creator mode.
3. View the challenges in the economy and your own personal financial challenges as an opportunity for expansion. Expand your mind around opportunity. Many of our most successful enterprises in the United States were started in economic downturns. Now is a great time to provide products and services to solve some of the challenges in our economy. It’s also the perfect time to set your business up for success when the economic tides turn. It’s the small businesses that are going to catapult the economy out of this mess. Choose to be a contributor to our future economic success.
4. Innovate, innovate, and innovate! What you did last year or even last month to succeed may not work today. You must always be pushing the envelope with creative ways to serve your customers and clients. Watch what your competition is doing to succeed, and then see how you can tweak and twist it to have an even greater impact. Go within and ask your higher self for some creative ideas. Great and innovative minds take time to listen to their inner guidance for clues and ideas to innovate and develop new and exciting theories, products, systems and services.
5. Listen to your mother and watch your mouth! When limiting language comes out of your mouth and limiting thoughts come into your head, have a mantra to stop. Cancel, cancel is a good one. Saying “Thanks for sharing and I chose to think (insert positive thought here) instead” when a limiting thought shows up or you are listening to someone else rant their limited views, will allow you to shift in an instant.

Always remember that you get to choose what you focus on. Energy flows where attention goes so be sure that your attention is going towards expansion and not contraction. I know I have drummed this home many times before but it is so easy to go back to our addictive thought patterns so it merits mention again. Be sure that you are spending time with people that are expanding and choosing to stay on the up side of the down economy. Limit your time with the negative Neds and sour Susans.

Share your stories of success with me. A success can be as small as a shift in mindset and as big as a huge financial win. By sharing, you honor and celebrate your success which perpetuates the success cycle. Feel free to share your ideas and tips with me and I will pass them along to my fan base. Let’s work together as empowerment partners for the good of all.

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