Three Keys to Unlock Your Genius to Make More Money

I’ve been chatting with a lot of entrepreneurs lately that they are not sure if they can make the income that they desire with what they are offering in the marketplace. They are not sure of their genius and how to create a great income by tapping into what they are naturally good at.

The other scenario is that they down play their genius or have not fully tapped into what their genius is because they are clouded with “what I should be doing” rather than “what I love to do and am naturally good at”.

I’ve been through this myself. When I was married, my husband would often tell me that I had chosen the wrong industry to get involved with and that there wasn’t a need for success coaches and consultants. He felt I should have gone into computer sciences or the medical field as a nurse. HELLO…I don’t really get computer technology and I am bad at using technical terms; I can never remember them (no techie here). And even though I have been a nurse at home to my family and my kids, I have no passion to be a nurse to others.

See, I believe that we all have a genius inside us and my genius will not be your genius because it is unique to each person (hint: it is part of your soul purpose). So what are the keys to unlock your inner genius?

  1. 1. Begin to make a list at what you are naturally good at. What do you do that others say “wow, you are so good at that”? What are you naturally drawn to? It could be in the business or personal category.  For example, I was an assistant failure analysis engineer at a semiconductor company for 21 years yet technology wasn’t really my genius. What was my genius and something that people commented on many times was quality assurance and coaching others to be sure that they were following quality and safety policies. I would see something that needed to be changed or updated and I would set out to get it done. Also, the ability to intuit failures on the product before I dove into the actual failure analysis process. The big thing was how people would always show up to my cubicle to discuss personal or work issues because I was just a natural at coaching them and sharing ways to improve their situation. I have incorporated all of this into my coaching practice. You may be good at gardening, cooking, woodworking, coaching kid’s sports, compassion and understanding and the list goes on. If you get stuck, ask your friends and family what they think your genius is.
  1. 2. Once you have your list, narrow it down to the top two or three things that you feel really are you genius. Can you incorporate them into what you are currently doing for your business or even in your job if you are employed (you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to incorporate entrepreneurial skills). Can you use your genius to start a business? What is currently not being fulfilled or is lacking in fulfillment in the market place and how can you use your unique genius to fulfill that niche? How can you use your genius to add value to other’s lives? You see, your unique genius may be just the ticket to create a 6 or 7 figure enterprise. Even if you are working in direct sales or network marketing industry, you can use your genius to create a unique approach to making more sales and getting more people on your team.
  1. 3. Begin to incorporate your genius into what you are currently doing if you are not already. If you are already incorporating them into your current business, can you take them to a higher level or amp them up? If you would like to begin a business with your genius then get your business ideas on paper and begin researching what it would take to get your business off the ground. What support do you need? What funding do you need? You can toe dip and test the water with your genius or dive right in the deep end; you get to choose. You may need to get some support and accountability to implement so keep that in mind.

Unlocking your genius can be so much fun. It really is about living your purpose and passion to get more profits. Can you imagine making more money by tapping into what you are naturally good at? It’s GENIUS!

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