Are You Leaking Energy?

Are you experiencing energy or soul power leaks in your business? What about your health? Your relationships? Are you leaky in your finances?

Power or energy leaks can be a small leak that drains your energy over time or a large leak that causes a major daily drain. If you want to live your purpose and make more profits, you must begin to plug your power leaks.

I spent over 21 years working in the semiconductor industry. Part of it I spent manufacturing semiconductors or integrated circuits so I saw how the slightest shift in a process could cause the integrated circuit to fail by causing a power leak. I spent over 11 years as an assistant engineer in new technology development and failure analysis and it was my job to go in and find the energy leaks or power leaks in the integrated circuits that were causing them to fail. Then I would write reports on the cause and probable solution. As a coach, I use an equivalent process to assist my clients at identifying and plugging or repairing their power leaks.

You see, you are like an integrated circuit. If you look at a cross-section of an integrated circuit, you can see how all of layers of different chemical, photo and diffusion processes line up to create a functional circuit which provides power and memory  in phones, cars, computers  or different functions in other electronic devices.



When we cross-section our lives we see all the layers of our experiences, our relationships, our thoughts and beliefs from infancy to our current age that create the integrated circuit called “I” or “me”. If there is a shift in the wrong direction in the one of those layers in our lives, it can cause us to leak energy and then we no longer function at the level of our maximum capability or capacity.

Imagine you have 100 watts of power to power you up every day. If you have 15 watts focused on fear of the future, and 15 watts focused on the crap that happened in the past, and 40 watts pissing and moaning about your current challenges, it only gives you 30 watts to be present in your life, to come up with solutions and to focus on love, gratitude, health, abundance and prosperity. Do you follow?

Here are 3 steps to identify and plug your power leaks

1.Set the intention to notice where you are leaking energy. Do you leak energy around certain people? Are you procrastinating (huge energy leakage)? Do you have clutter sucking your energy? Is fear draining your wattage? Here’s a big one…negative self-talk. How about self-defeating habits, behaviors and beliefs. Distraction and excuses anyone? Stuck in the past? Begin to identify where the leaks are.  Journal about them for the next week.

You may need to put your life under a microscope for a week. When I worked in the semiconductor industry, I would have to put the integrated circuit under a microscope so that I could laser in at a sub-micron level to see where the power leak or shift was. Sometimes I would have to put a filter into the microscope lenses, use a special liquid and add heat to identify the leak. Sometimes I would have to use a really high powered microscope system called a SEM or Scanning Electron Microscope and look at different angles to see the leak.

You may need to do the same to really laser in on your leaks, especially the small leaks that cause the daily drains (we generally know where the big leaks are).

2.Once you have identified where you are leaking power, set the intention to find the solution to plug the leak. Take a deep breath, don’t judge yourself and begin asking powerful questions. What steps do I need to take to handle this energy leak and plug it? What resources do I need? Do I need outside intervention or can I handle it myself? Do I need to have a conversation with someone? Be still and listen for the answers and be prepared to journal. Remember, you can’t solve the problem at the level it was created and asking powerful questions moves you to a higher level.

3.Take action on the answers that you receive from your power questions and plug the leaks. Those answers may require that you step out of your comfort or familiar zone and take some uncomfortable actions. That’s ok. Be sure to find the support that you need if you must work through something uncomfortable to plug the leak. Remember that changing your life and plugging your energy leaks does not come without bold action.

Remember to get support if you feel that you need it. It may be helpful to ask some of those closest to you where they notice you are leaking energy. Sometimes we are blind to our own leaks because we have been leaking for so long that we have acclimated to the leak and have learned to tolerate, cope and ignore.

I am available for that level of support AND as a coach and mentor I won’t let you off the hook as easily as you will or as easily as your friends and family will. I call it as I see it and I also assist you at identifying and implementing solutions to get results. So if you are ready for big changes (or small tweaks), call me at 801-230-9534 to schedule an appointment and let’s plug those soul power leaks!

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