Step Into Your Greatness

We all get stuck sometimes in various areas of our lives. Many times we have so much going on in our lives that we are challenged to move forward because of the “too many things on our plate” syndrome. Perhaps we make too many commitments and can’t fulfill them all. Other times it is due to a perceived roadblock or obstacle that we can’t seem to get around, or it may be doubt in ourselves or a fear of failure or success that holds us back. And sometimes life just shows up and throws us some curve balls that take us off track. Whatever the cause is, it helps to have a good old pep talk from a trusted advisor to bust you through and access to resources that can lift you up.
I’ve had this experience recently. I’ve written about some of what has been going on for me in my social media posts and newsletter for the past several months. Since June I have been though an IRS audit for 2 years of taxes with a 3rd year pending, have been affected by 8 deaths, most of which were family or friends including the unexpected death of my sister in-law if 34 years and the murder of one of my best friends daughter. I moved one of my son’s out of my house and I met a man in August and started a new dating relationship. Between the audit, death and grief, the move of my 19 year old and the excitement and distraction of a new relationship, I have been feeling a little stuck and overwhelmed and it was affecting how I was showing up in my business.
So let me ask you, what is your strategy or strategies to get unstuck or deal with overwhelm? Do you wait until it is so uncomfortable that you can’t take it any more before you reach out for assistance? Do you jump into tried and true strategies that have helped you before? Do you reach out to a trusted friend? Do you hire or work with a professional coach or advisor to move you forward?
I’d like to share with you some of the strategies that I use to move me out of my funk and back into a place of resourcefulness, inspiration and action.
1. Start reading your favorite personal development book or pick up a new one to read. For me, it helps me greatly to pick up my favorite books and reread them. Some of my favorites are “The Game of Life and How to Play It” by Florence Scovel Shin, “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks, “Harmonic Wealth” by James Ray, “Excuses Be-Gone” by Wayne Dyer, “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield, and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. (I have a pretty large library so this just scratches the surface of books I reread)
2. Read magazines that are uplifting and have stories and messages that can help you move forward. My 2 favorite magazines are Success Magazine and Science of Mind Magazine. They both have stories and articles that are uplifting and full of tips for personal, spiritual and business development.
3. Use mind technologies to help you shift outdated beliefs and thought patterns. I use Hypnosis, NLP, my Mini Me Management System, and affirmations.
4. Take a day off or even a couple of hours and spend time in nature alone where you can meditate, process and clear your head.
5. Talk to a coach (like me) that can remind you of who you truly are and give you an inspirational pep talk and strategies to help you shift. Everyone needs a coach because we all get stuck and can’t see our own blind spots. Even a coach needs a coach. I called one of my coaches for some assistance and here are some words of wisdom he shared with me that helped me shift.
“Ask yourself Annette, how could this cause you to grow?”
“Embrace your resistance”
“Draw a line in the sand”
“Step into your greatness, stop shrinking”
“Tell yourself, When I am at my best I am one of the Elite Success Trainers on the Planet”
Those are just a few of the strategies that I have used and if any of them resonate with you, please use them. I use a multi strategy approach to address my challenges. You never know when or where the thing you most need to hear to lift you up and out will come from. Next time you are feeling challenged use the multi approach strategy and come at your challenge from different angles.
If you need some coaching assistance from me to get you inspired and moving forward, I have 6 coaching strategy sessions open over the next 2 weeks. They will go fast! Get scheduled TODAY at

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