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Stepping Into Your Vision with Annette

Annette Pieper is an internationally known speaker and CEO of the strategic consulting firm Vision 2 Reality Training. She has 25 years coaching, consulting and training experience including 3 years coaching and training for Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker and 20 years in the Semiconductor Industry. Annette is co-author of the international best-selling book Step Into Your Vision and has been published in several business magazines and publications.

Annette is known for her fun, warm, uplifting and authentic speaking style and her uncanny ability to make everyone in the audience feel like she is speaking directly to him or her. She delivers compelling, practical and inspiring messages that inform, engage, uplift and positively impact everyone to think big, play bigger and achieve stellar results in all areas of their lives. Annette has shared the stage and virtual stage with other internationally known speakers such as Jill Lublin, Michele Scism, Angella Johnson, Diane Conklin, Caterina Rando, Eric Lofholm, Kathleen Gage, Doug Nelson, Adam Markel, Gerald Rogers, Loral Langemeier and Shahar and Nashlah Boyayan. 

Annette’s ideal audiences are entrepreneurs, business professionals, sales professionals and leadership teams.


Top Topics:

The Power to Succeed: 7 Steps to Master your Mindset and Up Level your Confidence

Are you ready to create the power to succeed? In this presentation Annette shares creative ways to master you mindset and create the inner power and confidence to shine. In this presentation you will:

  • Understand your saboteurs and how to turn them into allies
  • Learn how to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want
  • Understand what your biggest motivator is and how to keep it front and center
  • Learn strategies to manage the mini me voice in your head that keeps you trapped
  • Create a strategy to turn your failures into your successes

Annette will teach you how to create success from the inside out that is lasting and can be recreated again and again. True soul power success!

Ignite Your Soul Power for Big Results: Your Soul is Calling you to Step out of Mediocrity into Magnificent

Annette will teach you how to ignite the spark within into flames of passion and purpose. Only then will you reach your goals and see the results that you truly desire. In this presentation you will:

  • Paint your dream so it is a clear picture of where you want to go.
  • Learn the secret ingredient to give your dreams POWER!
  • Get a silly strategy that will energize you through any challenge that you face
  • Learn how to use mind mapping as your road map for success.
  • Declutter and get rid of the crap that is holding you back!

This powerful presentation will take listeners to the next level in some crazy and unexpected ways.

Monetize Your Purpose with a Plan: It’s Time to Rock Your Purpose and Create Greater Profits

If you want to profit from your purpose, you've got to have a 6-figure plan. If you are running your business without a plan, listen up! Running your business without a plan is like driving to an unknown destination without a map or sense of direction. No Map, No Moola, do you follow? In this presentation you will learn:EIES

  • The most 3 most important reasons that you need a solid profit plan
  • The most important element of a profit plan so that you get profits
  • The 5 critical steps needed to map out an effective profit plan that works
  • How to generate profits that are worthy of your purpose

When you are done with this presentation, you will be well on your way to make your year a financially successful year and double, triple or even quadruple your profits. Now that’s what I call freedom!

Crafting Unique Stories for Stellar Marketing and Sales Results

We do business with people who we like and trust right? Stories create connection and authenticity which builds trust and rapport which creates better leads and more sales. In this presentation you will:

  • Understand the purpose of storytelling as a communication tool
  • Learn how to craft authentic stories using the Hero’s Journey
  • Understand why the human brain is wired for metaphors
  • Learn how to close the sale from the story end
  • See why you should create your own storybook

Imagine using the power of stories to empower others and create a greater income. It’s genius!

Here is what others have to say about Annette:

"Annette has the great ability to bring up the energy in the room the moment she takes the stage! She is personable, knowledgeable, and clear with her message. The audience feels immediately at ease and connected." Beth Lawrence, Music Branding Specialist and Author -From Shower To Stage....7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!

"Annette is a wonderful, engaging speaker. I've had the pleasure of hearing her speak numerous times and am always entertained. I love her genuineness and she always provides valuable information I can apply to my life or business." Gina Van Luven, Wellness Speaker, Author, Coach YOUnique Nutrition (tm) A subsidiary of Healthy Habits Wellness Center, LLC

“Annette Pieper was wonderful at her presentation for the Stylin & Successful event. Annette’s presentation was not only educational but was entertaining and created a feel good atmosphere. Her message was on target and very informative to the audience. The feedback on Annette’s presentation was the highest remarks of all the speakers that presented that day. I would recommend Annette as a speaker at any event.” Karen Shaeffer – Past Chair Jordan Area Women in Business

“I have had the privilege of listening to Annette Pieper on several different occasions. Her presentations have always been well organized and presented in an interesting, informative and fun manner. I would recommend her as a speaker for any event.” Scott Baker, Past President Murray Area Chamber of Commerce

“I had the pleasure to invite Annette Pieper to speak at our West Jordan Chamber luncheon. Annette possessed a strong connection with her listener; she is very intelligent, she knows her role and amplifies that to the people around her. I met Annette a couple of years ago during a committee meeting with the Women in Business for Chamber West. We started an annual event for women to show case their talent, time, and retail under the name of “Stylin and Successful”. There Annette was also asked to speak to the women for empowerment, what makes them unique and what will drive their business. Annette did a fantastic job at conveying her message, and was well received by her audiences.” Toukata Suyoto, Zions Bank, Salt Lake Region Sales Rep.

“Annette is a MASTER of making a vision a reality. She was a powerful and wonderful speaker, perfect for taking our group to the next level.” Marla Dee, President of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Salt Lake Chapter.

Booking Info: Contact Annette directly at 801-230-9534 or Annette@annettepieper.com or her assistant at info@annettepieper.com


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Annette’s program made it easy for me to figure out what wasn’t working in my life and how to fix it. I am so grateful to Annette for teaching me this information.

–Robyn Love, Los Angeles