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Practical Steps to Grow Your Business through Networking!


Here's a question for you:

Are you frustrated with little if any results from networking? Are you putting out 100% effort with only 10% or less results?

Here's another question:

Are you tired of spending time and money on networking without a return on your investment? Do you feel disconnected and isolated at events?

Does this sound like you:

I feel uncomfortable with my elevator presentation? I'm not sure what to say or how to say what I do consisely and consistently?

If you're like most solo business owners, you've felt the frustration of putting time, money and effort into networking with lackluster results.  Sometimes it's just flat out uncomfortable to connect with people, especially when you are new to a group, are unsure of what to say or you are a little introverted. What if you could create a strong networking skill set so that it is fun and easy to grow your business through networking? Would it be worth the investment of your time, money and energy?

I invite you to let me guide you to create a Soul Power Networking foundation so that you can be the Hero of your Success and and reap the ultimate rewards for your efforts.

Program Tuition $247 

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By the time you have finished this 4-week
program you will have:

Listen to what others are saying about our programs:

  • Annette Pieper is an insightful, expert business coach who knows how to ask the 'tough' questions that all business owners must be able to answer if they are to succeed. While her style is relaxed and supportive, she is also a strong motivator! Annette helped me clarify my business goals, maintain focus, and most importantly, take action. If you want to move forward with your business, I highly recommend Annette Pieper --Beth Lawrence, Owner, Viva La Voice

  • Annette's program made it easy for me to figure out what wasn't working in my life and how to fix it. I am so grateful to Annette for teaching me this information. -Robyn Love, Los Angeles

  • This was the most amazing presentation by Annette. In the first 30 minutes I learned a very useful and valuable technique for change. -Marty Warner

  • Let me say that Annette Pieper is "The Expert" when it comes to cultivating the seeds of success. From the moment she started her program until she ended it, I was captivated. She was able to connect with the areas of my life that are incongruent with what I want to experience in my life. My life will be changed as I apply the information that she has to share. -Dr. Robin Ivey

  • Dear Annette, I write to you today to say unto you how much I have enjoyed your classes. You are adept at what you do with your formidable skills in marketing and sales and the useful concepts you shared. -Jay Spoles

  • Annette, you have done an excellent job with your class. I hope it was recorded. This is the kind of lecture I like to hear. -Loren Bettles

  • Annette takes intimidation out of the process. She helped me to see I can create and maintain a successful business. I just have to be focused and well prepared. -Chris Bassett

Program Tuition $247

networking heros

I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I personally guarantee that if you make diligent effort, do the exercises and the techniques in this course within the first 30 days of taking this course, you will feel that you have created a solid networking foundation to grow your business on or your money back.


Networking Heros

Here's how the program works. Every week for 4 weeks you will be sent an audio recording link and worksheet link via email. The best part is, you can download these and listen to them over and over again. It's a lifetime program!

I am so excited about this program that I'll throw in a couple of bonuses. Would you like that?

This is a big one so here it goes: you'll get a Business Success Checkup with me. In this 45 minutes session, we will look at where you are in your business and brainstorm strategies to move you forward. You will walk away with at least two strategies to up level your success.

$300 Value

Secondly you'll get my 7 Golden Keys to Living a Harmonic Life eBook. That's right; you'll get my seven step process to create greater harmony in your life.

$19 Value

Let's look at this...You get:

Total program value $1113

Tuition only $247

Networking Heros